Pure Organics Pedicure

Pure Organic’s Diamond Pedicure is a six-step organic-based pedicure system that’s formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize skin. When submerged in water, the kit’s bath crystals transform into soft, dazzling beads that shine like diamonds. Included in the Diamond Pedicure system are Diamond Spa Crystals, Ocean Spa Crystals, Sugar Spa Scrub, Purifying Maske, Continuous Massage Lotion, and Spa Cuticle Oil.

Steps to do Pure Organics Pedicure

1. Fill the pedicure bowl a third of the way full with warm water and pour one scoop of Diamond Crystals into the water. Stir the water for two to three minutes. As the water thickens, tiny soft beads will form. Massage the beads up and down onto the client’s feet and legs to soften the skin.


2. Add one or two drops of Spa Cuticle Oil to the water for a pleasant aroma and let the client’s feet soak for two to three minutes.


3. Pour two scoops of Ocean Spa Crystals into the water and stir. These sea salt crystals cleanse skin and release therapeutic fragrances. The diamond beads will begin to transform back into the water after several minutes. As the beads are dissolving, turn the jets on (if applicable) and rinse the legs.


4. Scoop the desired amount of Sugar Spa Scrub and massage it onto the feet and legs. Rinse scrub from legs and dry with a towel.


5. Rub a thick layer of the mask onto feet and wrap each foot in a warm towel.


6. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes. Unwrap each foot and wipe the mask off the client’s skin. Use clean water to rinse off completely and dry the skin with a towel.


7. Pump the desired amount of Continuous Massage Lotion into your hand and massage into the client’s feet and legs to provide hydration. Massage until the lotion and oils have been completely absorbed. Lastly, apply cuticle oil.