A Fresh Face


Do you ever wake up in the morning or step out of the shower, fresh and clean thinking, “I want to do something new, something modern, something different with my look!”  You don’t have to drastically change your look to feel and see a difference in yourself.  These simple adjustments to your normal hygiene and beauty routine will slide your glow. Add shimmer to your eyes

Add a natural-based shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes.  By swiping a curve of shine up from your inner eye into the corner crease and along the bottom of your inner eyelash line, you add dimension and contour the bridge of your nose and shape of your eyes. Whether your eyes are sultry almond, open and round, or change depending on the day, accentuating their character brings attention directly to those soul windows.

Curl your eyelashes

Another simple way to immediately improve the look of your eyes is by curling your eyelashes.  This age-old trick makes eyes pop and instantly appear bigger and brighter.  Even if you don’t have time to apply mascara, simply adding a curve to your eye-fringe is a decision you’ll be thankful for at the end of the day.  And if you hear someone happily singing, “…Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get them peepers…” Yes, they are singing about you!

Eye liner

If you do have a few extra minutes to spare and want to at that extra, “OWWW!” to your POW, look for a soft metallic to line the inner rim of your bottom eyelid.  For this, think aquamarine or chartreuse with a bit of shimmer.  My personal favorite is a forest green that makes my ever-changing eye color blaze.

The easiest way to apply this trick is to delicately pull your inner lid away from your eye and gently slide the liner from inner to outer corner.  Even more emphasis can be achieved by accentuating the amount you put toward the inner corner and extended the line out past the outer corner of your eye (think Queen Nefertiti style)


So many times I see girls who look like they’ve taken an electric drill, attached a cotton ball to the end of it, dipped it in blush and then let it go to town on the apples of their cheeks.  I promise you, there is a much simpler and much better method for applying this cheekbone highlighter. First, find your cheekbone and where it starts (this should be slightly below your temple).

Apply a small amount of blush (to your blush brush, of course; different from the brush you apply powder with) tap off the excess and slide the brush straight down your cheekbone to the apple of your cheek.  Repeat on the opposite side and then in a “check” fashion sweep the brush up and across the bridge of your nose (think like this ↘↙ and not circled around only on the apples). This small modification accentuates your cheekbones without drawing unneeded attention to an already noticeable part of your face.


To add final gloss to your sexy sultry sheen, simply straighten your hair.  Depending on the length and texture, I know this might not be a short fix for some, but taking these extra 10 minutes to smooth your mane can shave years off your age, numbers from your dress size and add the sassy to your lacking fierce-pack.